Resolution: Meatless Monday

That resolution to limit meat consumption to 1-2 times a week? I’m not surprised that I could not keep up with it, even for a week.

Why? I have a few reasons. As much as I want to be a savvy cook, I’m really not. But I’m trying. Although I like variety, I eat the same things by week. For example, this week my big thing was black bean, avocado and corn quesadillas so I ate that for lunch or dinner all week, filling in the rest of my meals with the regular cereal and rice meal (but not together, gross).

Being more conscious about my meat consumption + not being the best cook = running out of options.

Most importantly, I aimed too high. But I’m willing to admit my mistake rather than forcing myself into something I wasn’t ready for. That’s why I’m taking part of Meatless Monday, and going from there.

Sounds so simple, I can’t believe I didn’t come up with that in the first place!


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