Books: 2014 in review and 2015 challenge

Few of the books I read
A lot of the books I read

I haven’t treated reading in the most kindest way in the past. As a kid, I checked out books by plastic bags because my parents only took me to the library on Sundays. In those days, my nose was in a book whether I was home, in the back of a car, even restaurants.

Somewhere in the late middle school/early high schools years, I fell out of reading as other things grabbed my attention. Reading became more of a requirement than something I did for fun. Reading in college? Forget it. Between reading/editing heavily at the school newspaper, reading textbooks then reading novels for classes, I barely read for fun. I could barely sit still for five minutes to read for fun.

It took some time even post-college, but I’ve discovered my love of reading again. Social media helps although I don’t want to think that’s the sole reason I got back into it. It’s just something I need in my life now that I didn’t think I needed (or wanted) back then. But really, does the reason matter as long as I’m doing it?

When I saw this post from Maddie last year I wanted to do one for 2014. I didn’t consciously try to read a variety of books. I read what I wanted with recommendations from Goodreads.

Here’s what my year looked like in books:

Overachiever! See that?
Feels good to read past my goal

While it’s good and dandy I exceeded my goal, let’s see how those titles break down.

Gender: 11 by women (including two by the same author), 6 by men. It’s more balanced than I thought because I would’ve guessed the disparity was a lot bigger.

Race: Wow, all 17 authors I read are white. I know it’s not a good excuse to say that I didn’t even know the races of some of the authors, but my goal for this year is to branch out.

Genre: 5 YA, 2 memoirs, 2 nonfiction, 1 self help, 8 fiction. Not bad, could be more diverse.

Format: 7 on my Kindle, 11 actual copies. Among them, I own 6 and plan on purchasing 1.

Moving forward, I’m participating in a reading challenge as a way to help expand my horizons. Plus it’s fun! I’ve seen a few floating around but settled on the one from Random House. My Goodreads goal is 21 books, and this Bingo card has 23 categories, so hopefully I read past my goal again this year!

Who doesn't love Bingo?
Who doesn’t love Bingo?

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